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Chairman Message

Just after crossing the boundary of school you might be wondering how you are going to cross the next step of your education, which way will be the best choice. May be a lot of attractive offer front of you are currently trying to push you
towards them in a colorful manners, which creates confusion in your mind as well as your parents that which one will be proper. While there is a invitation for all of you to get admission in Business Studies at “FUTURE Commerce College”. Because we are confident enough to set your target and destination and tell you how to be there.

“FUTURE Commerce College” started its journey from March 2010 on a bravery steps of some dedicated meritorious young person’s, some renown Chartered Accountant’s, some skilled and experience teacher’s and some responsible person of the society. Our vision is to make you as a future citizen of the country by delivering you the highest usage of technology in Business Studies.

Principal Message

Education is an important factor in the creation of socialization, knowledge, science and technology. Education can build a nation with self-respect sense and lead them to be self dependent. Not only is that, I also think to attain the highest level of success there alternative of a proper education. It’s an Obvious that the education should have to be futuristic. The new age is completely technology dependent. So a touch of technology has to be present on the current education system. On that realization Future World Foundation established such a college name Future Commerce College on demand of present time situation which is the first ICT based College of Business studies section in Bangladesh.

We are glad to announce that in the education system of this college we could able to include some new application of science, which is totally different from traditional education system. We will be always working hard to set digitalization in education system.

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